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Impact of Covid-19 on Office Real Estate Market | Office Spaces in Pimple Saudagar | Buy 2 bhk in talegaon


Short-term perspective:

• The current situation will have the greatest impact on companies that cannot work remotely, have a lower
a portion of IT structure necessary to ensure their functioning and require the physical presence of employees at the office.

• What will be stressed is the importance of the health and safety of employees, preparation of detailed plans for the future, such as providing protective equipment or safe IT infrastructure for work outside of the office (VPN, platforms for team cooperation, etc.).

• We can assume that the demand for short-term rents of offices will drop.

Long-term perspective:

• We can expect tenants will seek to treat the existing situation in future lease contracts.

• The current situation when many works from home will accelerate the launch and usage of the tools for team cooperation and remote sharing. It is likely that as part of the austerity measures, these tools will continue to substitute standard business travel.

• Offices will be streamlined and spatially optimized, which will result in less space for employees. The future lies in shared offices based on co-working. We can expect a decline in the standard workspace in favor of shared space. Basically, offices will be adjusted mainly for appointments, training sessions, and meetings. Regular worktable work may to a greater degree be carried out elsewhere – at home or at a client's premises. This tendency is already apparent and the current situation around coronavirus will only make it faster.

• From the short-term perspective, co-working centers are in a difficult situation. However, from the long-term viewpoint, we expect that companies will divide their locations into permanent offices and co-working places, so that, in case another crisis comes up, they can reduce their space needs flexibly.

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